Spartan Xtreme Clean Cargo® - 5

Spartan Xtreme Clean Cargo® - 5

SPA 204705

Supplier : Spartan Chemical Company, Inc

Weight : 46.00 LBS

/PL $ 64.34/PL


A super strength concentrate designed for use with high pressure cleaning equipment. -pH 11.5-12.0 Formulated to remove road film, grease, and other hard to remove soils from all metal, painted, and fiberglass surfaces. Formulation of Xtreme Clean Cargo, with a heavy concentration of wetting agents and builders, provides quick penetration and removal of road film, grease, and grime. Powerful enough to remove heavy soils without manual agitation such as brushing; yet will not harm painted surfaces, letters or decals, or etch glass. 5 Gal. ea

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