Spartan On an' On® - 5gl pail

Spartan On an' On® - 5gl pail

SPA 407305

Supplier : Spartan Chemical Company, Inc

Weight : 46.15 LBS

/PL $ 107.53/PL


Non-buff metal interlock floor finish. Requires fewer coats, reduces labor. Durable, long lasting shine. Levels smoothly. Applies with ease. -May be spray buffed -pH 9.0 - 9.5 A high solids, non-buff, metal interlock floor finish. Combines deep glossy beauty with tough wearability. Unlike some high-solids floor finishes, On an' On levels smoothly, and is applied with ease. Because of its unique high solids formula, it is highly resistant to black-heel marking, scuffing, powdering and water spills. 5 Gal. ea

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